Mar 23, 2021 7:00 AM
Andy Worshek
History of the USS Cheyenne submarine

Andy Worshek on the History of the USS Cheyenne – The USS Cheyenne submarine was the last of the Los Angeles class of attack submarines to be built.  It was named by the Secretary of the Navy on Wyoming’s 100th anniversary in 1990, launched on April 1, 1995 and commissioned on September 13, 1996.  Andy Worshek retired from the U S Navy as a Master Chief Petty Officer, the Navy’s highest enlisted rank.  One of his duty assignments was as the Chief of the Boat (commonly referred to as COB) of the USS Cheyenne.  The COB is the senior enlisted sailor on a submarine.  When he was COB, Andy attended Cheyenne Frontier Days as part of a crew visit and fell in love with Cheyenne.  After retiring from the Navy, Andy and his family moved to Cheyenne, and Andy is now, among other things, a proud volunteer with Cheyenne Frontier Days.  He will present a history of the USS Cheyenne.