Contact: Jim Coffin
Cheyenne Sunrise
United States of America

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Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary & the WY Inland Ocean Coalition presents:

Dr. Scott Coffin, "Impacts of Microplastics on Humans and Ecosystems"

July 21, 2021


7225 Heritage Drive

  • Hosted by Jim and Nancy Coffin
  • Desserts and beverages will be served
  • Please bring a reusable cup
  • Masks are encouraged for unvaccinated

Plastic provides numerous economic and quality-of-life benefits to modern society. However, plastic's persistence, high-volume production, and irreversible leakage into the environment threatens public health, ecosystems and food security. The immediate and long-term risks of plastic usage particularly single-use products may outweigh the benefits.

While plastic takes years to fully degrade, it breaks down into small particles called microplastics that can be inhaled, ingested and even transferred to offspring in humans and animals. Microplastics are found in drinking water, air, food, sediment, plants and animals. Exposure to microplastics causes a variety of health effects, such as decreased reproduction, impaired development and death.

About This Event: You will learn about what's known and not known about the risks of microplastics to humans, ecosystems, and food security. Additionally, recent and upcoming governmental efforts to reduce human exposure and the inputs into the environment will also be discussed.

About Dr. Coffin: Scott Coffin is a Wyoming native and a graduate of Cheyenne Central High School. He spent his freshman year at Grinnell College and graduated from the University of WY with a BS in Chemistry, and minors in Honors and Spanish. Scott completed his Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology at the University of California, Riverside. He currently works as a Research Scientist at the California State Water Resources Control Board, where he focuses on microplastics and constituents of emerging concern in drinking water.