Dear Rotarians:
Great Day to Be a Rotarian!

Great meeting Aug.18!  We were joined by several guests who made getting up on a cold August morning (42 degrees) and heading to Rotary all worth it.

Thirteen club members were given the opportunity to meet and hear from Haley George who received one of the RYLA spots this year.  Haley makes our tomorrows seem so bright.  She brought a gift to all of us....her smile and energy.  Her parents, Nycole and Fred joined us as well.  Liam Guille - son of Kevin and Darcy Guille came and visited last week, again, we saw our future and smiled with pride.  Leaders are formed at RYLA and we got to see a glimpse the last two weeks of two future leaders.

Thank you Dale Strickland for joining us this a.m.  Dale is the President and Senior Ecologist with Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc.  We learned about Bat White Nose disease and where the eagles nest.  Dale is a class act and having him join us this a.m. was a treat.  A big thanks to Milward for all of his hard work getting us such great guest speakers.
In passing the Pineapple, we collected $38 - thanks Doc for golfing great on Sunday and celebrating by giving $20.  Whooo Hooo.

Happy Birthday to Lew Stubbs and Jerry Crader.  Steve and Cheryl Lovas are celebrating 34 years, Carey and Sharon Anson 35 years and Roxanne and Tom Ostlund 15 years of wedded bliss - CONGRATS.

Rotary Celebrations for this month -
Jerry Crader 30 years!!
Jim Hasting 11 years
Carrie Westling 6 years

Great day to be a Rotarian.  Consider getting up and joining in on the fun next week.  Meetings are filled with surprises, giggles and the joy of helping others.

Don't forget to bring your spare change to the meeting each week.   -Brenda Laird