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Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club

Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary

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2nd and 4th Tue. of each mo. 6:40 a.m.
The Epic Egg
2300 Carey Avenue
Cheyenne, WY  82001
United States of America
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What a GREAT day to be a Rotarian -
Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary kicked off its new beginning of being a hybrid club this a.m.  Hybrid, what is hybrid doing in Rotary?  We are doing exactly what we recite in the 4 Way Test, being fair to all concerned.  We have members who want to be together, even if it is social distancing.  We have members who don’t feel comfortable at this time joining face to face but want to be part of the club through Zoom and we have members that will just read our updates because technology frustrates them and meeting in person is out for now.  The theme for this year in Rotary is “Rotary Opens Opportunities!” It is our hope that as Sunrise Rotarian’s we give opportunities for those in our club and community to join in where they can feel comfortable and participate.  We had 7 people in person this a.m.  Some had masks, some didn’t, we sat at a comfortable social distance space and we enjoyed 7 of our friends on Zoom.  The SUN did shine this a.m.
We thank each of you who showed kindness and helped as technology tried to spoil our day but we did our best and are making it possible.
Our new president Kathy gave updates and reminders;
*Order peaches now from the Noon Rotary Club
*Boys and Girls Club chance to do service this Thursday
*Club Runner new app
Thank you to Monique Hammond for the Zoom presentation on hearing loss - a silent epidemic.  
Thank you Kevin for being our technical support.  You are a blessing.
As we all know, Rotary changes lives.  Our world is better because who we are and what we do!  Have a great Rotary week.
A great Tuesday meeting learning about how some of the leaders in the Cheyenne Community are working together to move Cheyenne forward.
Tina Worthman, director of Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, speaks to the club about the numerous events and happenings within the Botanic Gardens. 
Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club 2018-19 President Jason Johnson was sworn in by outgoing President Roxanne Ostlund along with continuing club Secretary Kathy Claywell, Club Service Chair Kevin Guille and Treasurer Donna Anderson at the club's July 10, 2018 meeting at Little America Hotel and Resort.
President Jason noted that he had earlier outlined his goals for the year (in a story on the club website) and outlined some of the results of a survey of club members which was returned by almost half the club (a record survey return for this club and probably many others). Among those results was a unanimous choice to move the meetings from Little America to a new venue like The Egg and I restaurant near the Capitol Building, which Jason is investigating.
A club meeting at a restaurant like Egg and I could result in lowering dues paid by members because each person would be responsible for paying for their own breakfast, something now built into the dues structure. 
Heart moving day to be a Rotarian on Tuesday, June 19, as we huddled for Sunrise Rotary in the lounge at Little America we were treated to a wonderful guest speaker, Leslie O’Hashi, from Ruby’s BDT Adaptive Dance and Movement Program.  
Leslie touched our hearts with a video of the dancers and our own Kevin Guille speaking about how much dancing meant to his precious Ruby.  Parents, also in attendance, spoke about having their children in the dance program and how it has changed their lives.  They have become more confident, flexible and social to name a few bright spots.
Leslie thanked the Sunrise Rotary for their gift to help keep the children dancing and covering costs.  The clubs name is also highlighted on the Ruby’s BDT Adaptive Dance and Movement  brochure that his handed out.
When we sit back and ponder what a small club can do to change the lives of the Cheyenne community - we need to remember Ruby’s BDT Adaptive Dance and Movement Program.  We will continue to strive to make sure that we remember “service above self” brings smiles, joy and love.
Our Thankful Thursday event is scheduled for Thursday, November 1st.  It is not too early to start thinking about GREAT auction items!  Here are some ideas:
  • If you have season tickets to any of the following for a date that you will not be able to use, they would make great auction items!
    • Game Tickets (Rockies, Broncos, WY Cowboys)
    • Civic Center Show tickets
    • Candlelight Dinner Theater tickets
  • Trips – do you have airline miles that you are not going to be able to use?  Sometimes you can purchase tickets for other people using your miles and we could turn them into a vacation package.
    • Time Shares have been auctioned off in the past
  • Fishing Trip?  Do you know of an outfitter that would be willing to donate a trip OR provide one to us for a reduced cost?  We could auction it off with the idea that if it does not reach a specific $ amount, we won’t sell it.
  • Frontier Day Tickets?  Do you know someone on the committee who may be willing to give us tickets to auction off?
  • Spa Basket (anyone know a masseuse?)
  • Booze Basket
  • Tools
Just a few ideas!!
A HUGE THANK YOU to Randy for securing a 4 some for a round of golf at the Country Club for us!!!
A Shelter Box is a family-sized tent of sorts, made for living in following disasters, which are happening around our world with increasing frequency, says Carley Rando of Rotaract Cheyenne. She enlisted CSR's help in their ongoing project to purchase shelter boxes, each at $1,000, which serve as temporary housing here in the USA following the Houston, Texas flooding, in the Haiti disaster of a few years ago and much more.
    Rando says her club has done 24-hour camp outs at the Cheyenne depot in the past, but has now shifted to a "Passport" program in conjunction with all three Cheyenne Rotary Clubs. Local businesses are asked to sign up and offer discounts at their business to those holding a "Passport" which they purchase for $20.
   Her Rotaract club's goal is to raise ten thousand dollars through the program, which would purchase ten shelter boxes. For more information please email her at cheyennerotaract@gmail.com.
A big club thank you for Jason and his presentation and conversation of where we will go under his leadership.  The club is being forced to look at some challenges with our changing population but it seems like we are willing to face it head on.

Jason has asked us to say not say we are Rotary members but that we are Rotarians..all involved Rotarians!

Jason shared a wonderful Ted Talk - "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek that they had viewed at PETS this year.  The main theme was centered around why others are different. You would think that we all think, act and communicate the same.  But that is not true.  Our club needs to be part of the Golden Circle with purpose, cause and beliefs.  We should be sharing with others,  why - why did we choose to join Rotary and stay in Rotary, how - how do we do what we do and finally what - what do we do as Rotarian’s.  We should start with answering WHY and head towards WHAT.  As a club we need to believe and buy in to what we do as a Sunrise Rotarian.

President Elect Jason spoke on several points for the upcoming year:

*Membership - he would like to try the 3 member scholarship idea.  Brenda has the application ready for distribution after it has been reviewed by the board.

*Involvement - Get all current members involved.  Encourage all members to be on a committee.  Have committee meetings and discussions.

*Meetings - Jason brought up a discussion about possibly meeting bi-monthly with the third week being a social or service event.  Additionally, try lowering dues and checking out other places to meet with lower meal fees and an option to only have coffee.

*Committees - He asked for volunteers to take over the speaker committee (maybe co-chairs) and we need a President Elect to follow Jason.

*Partnerships - Consider partnering with service organizations that members are already involved in.  We could make a difference for an organization by partnering with an already established relationship.  We need to find a passion. Additionally getting our Rotary name out in the community.  Stamp who we are and what we do.

*Financial Commitment - Keep club members informed that the club will and can pay for conference fees.

*4 Way Test - Our 4 Way Test should turn into a 5 way test with the last one being FUN.  Do service and social events with a smile.  Get to know other club members and enjoy a chat.

Although the conversation was great and energy flowed, time came to an end.  Jason will consider doing a survey as attendance was low.

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