Posted by Phil Noble on Jul 10, 2018
Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club 2018-19 President Jason Johnson was sworn in by outgoing President Roxanne Ostlund along with continuing club Secretary Kathy Claywell, Club Service Chair Kevin Guille and Treasurer Donna Anderson at the club's July 10, 2018 meeting at Little America Hotel and Resort.
President Jason noted that he had earlier outlined his goals for the year (in a story on the club website) and outlined some of the results of a survey of club members which was returned by almost half the club (a record survey return for this club and probably many others). Among those results was a unanimous choice to move the meetings from Little America to a new venue like The Egg and I restaurant near the Capitol Building, which Jason is investigating.
A club meeting at a restaurant like Egg and I could result in lowering dues paid by members because each person would be responsible for paying for their own breakfast, something now built into the dues structure.