A great day to be a Rotarian!
It was another early morning for the Sunrise Rotary Club.  We were tickled by Mr. Earl coming to us on Zoom from Florida in a Santa beard.  If 2020 has taught us any thing it is we can gather from each coast to coast and still be a strong club.  We are missing a few faces that we wish would come join us....that is our Christmas wish.
We welcomed AG Robin Sims who dropped in to say hi!
Our speakers today were Pavel Reppe and Diane Messamore from the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High.  They presented their international project - Community Mental Health Services & Economic Development in Uganda.  
Sunrise Rotary will be “ringing the bell” again on Saturday for the Salvation Army.  If you can offer a “wrist” to help out we are looking for some help.  We will be asked to wear masks and safely distance ourselves from customers.  Please contact Brenda if you can help out.
Our next meeting will be a social hour (social distancing really) on December 22nd.  We will gather, have breakfast and just enjoy the Christmas spirit minus alcohol.  
Hugs to each of you.  Stay safe and healthy.