What a great day to be a Rotarian.  Our numbers were slight this am but those in attendance were treated to a great presentation.  We hope all of you can join us for our next meeting where are presenters will be all of the new members.  We will ask each of them to tell us a little about themselves and we will get a chance to learn, bond and celebrate.  

The member challenge initiated by Randy raised $300 for the club and Foundation.  Thank you team!

Great Job Jim for operation Safe House.  The Cheyenne Rotary clubs came through like champs as the storm arrived but we still proceeded to do something amazing for the community.

Golf Tournament letters going out this week.  If you have a sponsor you would like to recommend, I can send out a letter.  This is a major event for our club and any help will make it a success.  Thank you for two new sponsors courtesy of the club already.  Thank you Daryl and Lori.

Next year’s Rotary theme is SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES!  Great theme and exciting direction for President Kathy.

Our guest speaker this a.m., Andy Worshek, who spoke about the history and future of the USS Cheyenne submarine.  To have someone like Andy in our community with his knowledge and history whew.. he is a golden gem.  

Blessings to each of you and HAPPY SPRING!