Posted by Brenda Laird on Apr 05, 2018
A big club thank you for Jason and his presentation and conversation of where we will go under his leadership.  The club is being forced to look at some challenges with our changing population but it seems like we are willing to face it head on.

Jason has asked us to say not say we are Rotary members but that we are Rotarians..all involved Rotarians!

Jason shared a wonderful Ted Talk - "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek that they had viewed at PETS this year.  The main theme was centered around why others are different. You would think that we all think, act and communicate the same.  But that is not true.  Our club needs to be part of the Golden Circle with purpose, cause and beliefs.  We should be sharing with others,  why - why did we choose to join Rotary and stay in Rotary, how - how do we do what we do and finally what - what do we do as Rotarian’s.  We should start with answering WHY and head towards WHAT.  As a club we need to believe and buy in to what we do as a Sunrise Rotarian.

President Elect Jason spoke on several points for the upcoming year:

*Membership - he would like to try the 3 member scholarship idea.  Brenda has the application ready for distribution after it has been reviewed by the board.

*Involvement - Get all current members involved.  Encourage all members to be on a committee.  Have committee meetings and discussions.

*Meetings - Jason brought up a discussion about possibly meeting bi-monthly with the third week being a social or service event.  Additionally, try lowering dues and checking out other places to meet with lower meal fees and an option to only have coffee.

*Committees - He asked for volunteers to take over the speaker committee (maybe co-chairs) and we need a President Elect to follow Jason.

*Partnerships - Consider partnering with service organizations that members are already involved in.  We could make a difference for an organization by partnering with an already established relationship.  We need to find a passion. Additionally getting our Rotary name out in the community.  Stamp who we are and what we do.

*Financial Commitment - Keep club members informed that the club will and can pay for conference fees.

*4 Way Test - Our 4 Way Test should turn into a 5 way test with the last one being FUN.  Do service and social events with a smile.  Get to know other club members and enjoy a chat.

Although the conversation was great and energy flowed, time came to an end.  Jason will consider doing a survey as attendance was low.