Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club members rang bells for the Salvation Army last weekend in front of the King Soopers grocery store despite the cold weather.
   Bundled up, the entire Kevin Guille family even performed songs for the passersby to stimulate cash-giving. The video of the family singing is posed on both Kevin's and Brenda Laird's Facebook page, for those inclined to want even more entertainment for their holidays.
    A big THANK YOU was received from the Salvation Army.  Thank you to all who rang the bell, sang, played a violin or just showed up to put money in the kettle.  We raised $1211.44 for the Salvation Army on Saturday.
   The money raised by the club's efforts will go to the Cheyenne Salvation Army's program to make Christmas a brighter season for those less fortunate among us.
   Thanks to all who participated, only some of whom are pictured here....