The club business meeting Feb. 8 was one of the best we have had this year!  We accomplished something that has been weighing on our minds for a long time and that would be WE VOTED ON AND PASSED OUR BY-LAWS - CLUB AND FOUNDATION!!!   I want to personally thank each member that had a part in getting this accomplished.  Between the club and foundation - many hours were spent on research, discussion, reading, rewriting and reading one last time.  It was truly and entire club effort.  Thank you!  We move forward on solid ground with a bright future.  This President cheers and applauds each of you.


This year Sunrise Rotary Club will be sponsoring 4 Junior RYLA participants.  I was blessed to go with our friend, George McIlvaine, several years ago to witness for myself the change that happens when our youth get together and become leaders against issues like bullying.  They are stepping out of RYLA with the sense that the future is theirs to capture and make strong.  Financially for a small club, 4 sponsorship is hard to cover but we have a goal and we will make it happen.  Again, entire club effort on this one.  Donations every week in the giving basket is what is making this goal obtainable.


We kicked off our "Giving from the Heart" month by handing out giving envelopes.  We encourage all club members to do a random act of kindness during the month of February.  If you missed the meeting this a.m. be sure to come next week and get your envelope.  We look forward to the stories in coming weeks of how you, as a Rotarian, you became a "Gift to the World!"


We have received information on the District Conference in Jackson, May 19-21 at the Jackson Lake Lodge.  It looks like it will be a wonderful time and filled with great break out sessions.  If you can, please plan to attend you won't be sorry.


The Noon Club is having the 2nd Annual Ice Melt challenge.  Our club will get a portion back of all tickets. The link is on our home page of our website.


This President is in her 8 month of leading this amazing club.  I look back from the beginning to now and I see many things I would have done different but I also see a club that has engaged and is working as a team to make this the best club yet.  I thank you and I appreciate all that each of you do to make a difference.  


Quote for the week - "The purpose of life is not to be happy.  It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."  Ralph Waldo Emerson