Rotary Assistant District Governor Billie Addleman swore in 2016-17 CSR President Milward Simpson and lauded outgoing president Brenda Laird, saying to Milward, “you have big shoes to fill.” 
    Addleman said CSR has always been a “strong little club” but that under Brenda’s leadership over the past year, “it’s been an exceptional year” for CSR. “Nothing beats a Tuesday morning at your club seeing Brenda’s smile so early in the morning,” Addleman said.
   He said Brenda should write a book on how to be a successful club president, called “Becoming a Rotary Club President for Dummies” after the highly acclaimed series of “  ___ for Dummies”. Addleman added that everyone in the club should be proud of what’s been accomplished in the past year, noting “Cheyenne is a better community because of this club.”
   Taking over the gavel (or in this case a broken bell) Milward Simpson said he looks forward to continuing the successful path set by his predecessor and will further outline his goals later. He then said there would be no meeting next week because of the 4th of July holiday weekend, prompting Dr. Lakhman Gondalia to quip, “you’re really starting your year off right,” to much laughter.