Wait a minute …. why haven’t we heard from the Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club lately?  What are they up to you might ask? 
Our journey this year is partnering with the Cheyenne community.  As a small club it isn’t always feasible to host all of our own events so instead we have partnered with other community organizations to make a bigger difference. 
Our partnering has led us to make new friends, learn more about the community and engage members who haven’t normally joined in, a win – win all the way around.
A few things we have done:
Cheyenne’s Farmer Market – Produce for Vet’s project.  Collected left over vegetables after the market to take to the local VA Hospital where Vet’s can pick up fresh vegetables for free.
Flu Shots for a Healthy Community – One member (Doc) donates his time and his nurse’s time to give shots at our club meeting and we partner with other businesses in town to keep their staff healthy.   The money pays our International Polio Plus commitment, assists with club projects AND we help Cheyenne citizens stay healthy through the winter and flu season.
Food Collection – The meeting before Thanksgiving we partnered with St. Joseph’s Food Pantry and took up a food collection.  It was amazing how much we collected from our small club. 
At Christmas, we spent an entire day ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at our local King Soopers.  We raised $1,200.00 that day standing at the kettle caroling, saying Merry Christmas and just enjoying each other’s company.
Finally, we partnered with the Department of Family Services and sponsored and organized the annual Foster Kid’s Dinner.  An estimated 200 kids attended with their Foster Parents to enjoy a Christmas meal and receive a gift from Santa.
We aren’t a big club but we have made a BIG difference the first half of our Rotarian year!  Join us in partnering with a local charity and helping with their fundraising efforts.  It truly  “good for all concerned.”