It's a great day to be a Rotarian! Even greater based on what you, the members, have done over the past couple of weeks!
Welcome back from the break Rotarians.  It was nice to see everyone and a few missed friends showed up this a.m. as well.  Welcome back.

Brenda read the "Dear Fellow Rotarians" letter from the December Rotarian magazine as the inspiration.  Please consider reading the moving words by the Rotary International President.  His words are so filled with warmth and hope.   Additionally, he included a snap shot of the meaning of what our holiday season could be - one of being a gift instead of receiving one.

Foster Kids Dinner will be December 13th, 5 p.m. at the Holiday Inn.  On the 12th meet at DFS's back door at 10 a.m. if you would like to help fill the bags for the children.  A big thank you to Jim Hastings for organizing this wonderful event again this year.

The Rotary Christmas Party is fast approaching.  December 15, 6 pm. - 8 p.m  Warren Nagel Mansion - bring your family.  A special thank you to Carrie for organizing this Christmas gathering.

We made $460 from the raffle for Steamboat.  A single mother won the prize and enjoyed a 4 day week-end with her daughter.  She said it was a nice treat.  Thanks to all who bought or sold tickets.  The proceeds will be added to our Foundation and the scholarship account.

Finally, a special thank you to Mr. Howard for doing an Employee Volunteer Grant with RBC.  $500 will be added to the club Foundation.

I am so proud of our club!  All hands on deck and we are making a big difference.