Well the Sunrise Rotary Club rocked the house the a.m. of Nov. 8, election day in Wyoming and across the country. We had a room full of engaged Rotarian's ready to start the day - 23 strong.  A big thank you to ADG Billie Addleman and incoming ADG Danny Brownell for joining us.  Always good to have you in the early Rotary house.

Our inspiration today gave us hope for the future of America by exercising our right to vote and by showing our Rotarian spirit of kindness, service and compassion we can make changes for the future.  We also honored our Veteran's in the room and remembered all who have served for our freedom.

Larry Biggio gave a great presentation on how to stay healthy as we age.  We looked around the room at the younger Rotarian's hoping they were listening....for us.  Larry is an inspiration of how it works if you stay healthy as you age.

Thank you for showing up on Tuesday mornings and making a difference for the club and the community.  Have a great week and remember to thank a Veteran and those who currently serve in the armed forces this Friday.  They defend our right to freedom.