This month's club social day was not a great day to be a Rotarian - it was an amazing day to be a Rotarian.

Last Tuesday night we gathered at Roxanne and Tom Ostlund's for a St. Patrick's Day celebration.  We had a wonderful time as the Ostlund's rank #1 as hosts.  I will not lie, there was a toast made to our Rotary club with a little Ireland's finest - it went down smooth and the toast shared how important these social events are and how they help us discover hidden treasures in each of us.  Again, thank you to the Ostlund's.  You have our hearts.

Milward gave a quick update from PETS but will share more with the whole group soon.

A few Rotarian's have had surgeries lately - keep them in your prayers for healing and blessings.

Remember to bring your pigs and to give generously to the giving basket for RYLA scholarships.

Join us at our regular meeting March 22 to get a full report the wonderful party.  Shenanigans .  yep.....