The Rotary District Assembly held in Cheyenne April 18 was attended by club Pres.-elect Brenda Laird, Secretary Kathy Alexander and PP Phil Noble along with 100 or so Rotarians from across the district. Membership was one of the main focuses of the conference and the main message was that, 1) Rotary is losing members like all clubs and 2) it is the responsibility of each Rotarian to help build their club by continually bringing in new members.
CSR has a membership committee headed by Randy Halfpop and Brian Eilers and you can feel free to contact them about their efforts and how you could help. They are working on a membership plan and hope to move the club forward by adding more new members in the near future.
One of the main points of the conference was that in order to start looking for new members, our own back yard so to speak is perhaps the first place to go--former club members. So if you know a former member who may have dropped for good reason but might be persuaded to return, please reach out to Randy and Brian for help.