I was honored to serve as Madam President for the Sunrise Rotary Club this year.  I was equally honored to be guided by inspirational words written each month by our international president.  Every month I was inspired after reading his words to try harder and work harder for the club.  I truly had nothing but smiles when I woke up on Tuesday mornings knowing that we would gather in friendship and service to make this world a much better place because we did show up.
This past year my personal life has been a challenge at times because for me change is extremely hard but I always felt at ease when Rotary came to mind.  It was a consistency for me.  A room full of supporting, caring people who would give you the shirt off their back if you asked.  I just want each and every one of you to know how much I appreciated the support and allowing me the opportunity to lead a group of amazing Rotarians.
What did we do this year?
Five fundraiser projects:
Flu Shots –
Change for a Cause – Pink Pig Project – Setting at $900 – hope to make $1200
Golf Tournament – Hopefully $8,000
Giving Basket – By showing up and giving $800
Foster Kid’s Christmas Party
Service Projects:
4 Junior RYLA spots – Leadership Academy in Estes Park, CO
Holly’s Pillows - Blankets and Pillows for Foster Children (Social)
Friday Food Bags (2) (Social)
Giving from the Heart - Priceless
Circle Wyoming Dinner
Foster Kid’s Christmas Party
Special collection for the Guille Family Adoption Fund
Veteran’s Day Cookies Visit to VA
Back a Kid’s Breakfast – Boys and Girls Club
2 Scholarships at LCCC- Scholarship is worth $55,000.  Should be around $60,000 after tournament.
Sheep Herder’s wagon at Children’s Garden
Raised Garden at Boys and Girls Club
Steamboat Condo – sold tickets $260
Gobbler Gang  - $200
Books for the Challenge Program in Guernsey
Award – Cecil Stover Award in Club Communications
District news – made it twice in newsletter
Challenges –
Little America – we worked it out perfectly
Snow Days – Christmas Party and 2 missed days.  I wish for Milward he has a smooth sailing.
Breakfast at Brenda’s –
I supplied the food and we donated $100 to the member’s choice.  $100 RYLA, $100 LCCC Scholarship Fund, $100 to Safe Kids Project
Special Awards:
Andy Miller – Paul Howard Award or really know as the Paul Harris Award
Doc – White Hat Award
New Members:
Jason Johnson
Mike Weiland
Bill Lindstrom
Kurt Borgard
Justin Kallal
Terry Sanford (returned)
By-Laws –
A big thank you to all who worked so hard on getting them written and accepted by the club.  Many had their hand in working on this but Milward took the lead and I thank you.
We added many new grandbabies this year in the club and the Guille Family welcomed a special adopted son by the name of Elliott.  Kathy got married.
We lost someone this year that still makes me tear up.  Our special friend, George McIlvaine, which was someone I considered a true Rotarian.  He lived the 4 Way Test always not just as he served as District Govenor.  I miss you Georgie.
Thank you to all of my officers and committee chairs – please stand:
Milward Simpson – President Elect
Milward and Jason Johnson – Speakers and we had some incredible ones
Roxanne Ostlund – Treasure
Kathy Claywell – Secretary
Earl King – Foundation Treasure
Lew Stubbs – Foundation
Kevin Guille – Service
Randy Halfpop – Membership
Phil Noble – Communication
Carrie Westling – Past President
Paul Howard – Board Member
Jim Hasting – Foundation Board Member
Doc Gondalia – Foundation Board Member
Mike Shonshey – Foundation Board Member
Paul Howard – Bacon and grant
Mike Shonsey – Quiet Rotarian
Jason was just featured in the Wyoming Lawyer Magazine recently.  In a quote he said “I volunteer at the Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club.  I believe in the causes the club promotes, and I enjoy being around the club members who are wonderful and caring people.”  Jason, we feel the same about you.  It is fun to blow our horn occasionally and shout we are doing something wonderful here.
I hope there isn’t anyone I forgot because it isn’t from lack of wanting to acknowledge all of the wonderful events from this year.  We will have a golf tournament report at our next meeting in July.
In closing, if I could ask each Rotarian in this club to do one thing for me next year, be a Rotarian that shows up at meetings, participates in social events, helps with service projects and supports all of the hard work that your leadership team will put in.  Reggie River’s said at the Back a Kid’s Breakfast – In order for a team to work, you have to participate, engage and become a supporter on and off the bench.  Our leadership team can only do so much; it is the club that has the opportunity to continue being a “Gift to the World” through Rotary.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to follow some incredible club presidents and allowing me to lead you this year.  It has been a true honor.