"My rotary moment involves my wife and me going to Florida earlier this year with our little dog. We were in our first day in our rented condo when the manager knocked on the door, telling us we couldn't keep our dog there. They later relented, but I thought I’d look around for another place. Where better than Rotary. The Destin rotary club meets the same time and day as our club, just a little later in the morning--7:15. I met a lady  realtor who invited us to one of their fundraisers, a crawfish boil, much like our milk can dinners, and later found us a much better condo, which we will begin renting at the end of this week.
--My wife has a quick rotary moment as well. When she was traveling after college--she spent a year as a Fulbright scholar in India--she was seated on a plane next to a man who was wearing a rotary pin. She told him her father was a Rotarian, which eventually led to Lynn and her traveling companion, another female student, visiting the man's home and even going water skiing with his family. It's a small rotary world, but one which connects you to every country on this globe.