Posted by Brenda Laird on Jul 02, 2018
Heart moving day to be a Rotarian on Tuesday, June 19, as we huddled for Sunrise Rotary in the lounge at Little America we were treated to a wonderful guest speaker, Leslie O’Hashi, from Ruby’s BDT Adaptive Dance and Movement Program.  
Leslie touched our hearts with a video of the dancers and our own Kevin Guille speaking about how much dancing meant to his precious Ruby.  Parents, also in attendance, spoke about having their children in the dance program and how it has changed their lives.  They have become more confident, flexible and social to name a few bright spots.
Leslie thanked the Sunrise Rotary for their gift to help keep the children dancing and covering costs.  The clubs name is also highlighted on the Ruby’s BDT Adaptive Dance and Movement  brochure that his handed out.
When we sit back and ponder what a small club can do to change the lives of the Cheyenne community - we need to remember Ruby’s BDT Adaptive Dance and Movement Program.  We will continue to strive to make sure that we remember “service above self” brings smiles, joy and love.