What a Great Tuesday a.m. to be a Rotarian -
Welcome back Mr. Noble, we have missed you although you kept your duties up from afar.  This president is thankful that the storms keep missing our meetings by a day - whew.
Our own Mike Wieland was recently seen on the news walking with Magic City to bring awareness to hiring those with a disability.  Nice job Mike.  
President Brenda shared her "Giving From the Heart" story.  The Martinez family of Loveland, CO lost the father and two son's a year ago when a drunk driver hit their van as they were coming home from church a year ago.  Brenda's sister-in-law is a teacher at Loveland High and the school is doing a run/walk to help the family.  One son was just accepted into CSU.  Prayers for the family.
Several fundraisers are going in the other clubs - tickets for a new car, May Day Baskets, Cranium Cup - information will be shared on our site.
Are you interested in sharing your life with a student from another country?  Coming in the fall is a young lady from Argentina and a young man from France.  Please let Brenda know right away if you are interested.  Could be fun for all.
District Conference is coming up.  Milward and Doc will be attending.  If you are interested you need to sign up now before rooms are gone.
We are sorry to lose Jim Rose as a member.  He has been a true asset to our morning club.  We wish him well and hope that he can come back when time allows.
Finally - our guest speaker was just amazing.  Kelly Fenson-Hood presented on a project that she is involved with called Power of Hope, Kibera.  The mission of the organization is to help with proper hand sanitation which reduces the loss of lives.  It was a very powerful presentation!  Kelly is a hope for our future.  She is compassionate, hard working and filled with grace.  Our club took up a collection and Milward stepped up with a match, raising over $270. And, an anonymous donor stepped up with a pledge of $1,000!!  What a giving club we have!  I am satisfied that our club helped with a mission of hope.
We show up, we learn, we help.  I am thankful everyday for this club and those who fill the seats every Tuesday morning.  -Brenda