Posted by Phil Noble on Jul 05, 2017
The incoming president of the Cheyenne Rotary Club, local weatherman Don Day, outlined some crucial points for us as Rotarians in his inaugural speech to that club, which included this advice; "On my recent trip to Atlanta for the International Convention, while taking my Uber ride to my hotel, my thirty-something driver asked why I was visiting Atlanta. “Attending the Rotary International Convention where there are over 40,000 folks coming in from around the world,” I said.
        She then said, “What is Rotary.”  Several others at the convention shared similar stories…..”What is Rotary”,  folks would say in cabs and on the train around Atlanta when they saw your Rotary name badge. It became readily apparent that Rotary and Rotarians are not doing an adequate job of ENGAGING their community, their friends and their family on what Rotary is and what Rotary does. 
       Rotarians need to make a better effort at sharing what we do for our community and the world. In the coming year I ask all of you to make an effort to ENGAGE your friends, coworkers and family members and tell them Rotary is and what Rotary does for the community and the world and how they can take part.  Wear your Rotary pin proudly at work, share a Rotary story or a picture from a Rotary event on social media.   A fellow Rotarian in Atlanta said, “If you want to join a big network, join Facebook, if you want to join a quality network join Rotary.”