The top ten things you can do to help our planet, according to CSR speaker, blogger Lauren Bowen, are;
  1. Bring your own shopping bag
  2. Shop at bulk stores or farmer's markets
  3. Make your own toothpaste (she makes hers with coconut oil, baking soda, peppermint oil & stevia powder...
  4. Pack your lunch at home using reusable containers
  5. Go paperless in your kitchen (no paper towels or tissues) 
  6. Go non-toxic with cleaning supplies--go natural
  7. Reuse coffee cups
  8. Invest in cloth produce bags
  9. Replace plastic items with compostable ware
 10. Start composting
Lauren has a website at which is loaded with ideas of how to "live lightly on the world, but brightly".
Thanks to Roxanne for the speaker suggestion!