Posted by Jason Johnson on Feb 12, 2018
*Rotary 101 will take place on February 22nd, 2018 at Don Day’s office.
*The Noon Rotary is holding a Valentine’s Day lunch in which our club members are invited.
*Pay It Forward envelopes were handed out. President Ostlund shared her heart-warming story, as did one of our guests from the Boys & Girls Club, Rolinda Sample—a fellow Rotarian.
*Jerry Crader gave an update on the Good Night Loving Trail. He has proposed potentially putting some sort of marker at the Depot, but, surprisingly, the City doesn’t like the idea.
*We had Rolinda Sample, Duvale Brown, and Michael Martinez-Montano from the Cheyenne Boys and Girls Club for the second straight year. Michael is a sophomore at South High School with a 4.0. He is a part of FBLA, the Honors Society, and he plays soccer. He described struggling as a Mexican-American, but overcoming that. He envisions being a trauma surgeon for Doctors Without Borders.
Mr. Brown spoke of the club’s opening of the senior high program at LCCC. This new club will not be entitled the Boys & Girls Club, but rather “The Club.”
The Club is aimed at career based programs such as public speaking and “Healthy Habits.” The Club is trying to stray away from normal classroom activities because the members are already in a classroom before going to the Club, while still giving them an opportunity to reach their goals.