The Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club has won the Rotary District 5440 "Cecil Staver Award" for Best Club Communication efforts. The criteria was as follows; "Clubs will be judged on their website as well as any club bulletin either distributed via internet or printed...Club News, including future and past club programs, member’s activities, make-ups at other clubs, committee meetings, board meetings, election of new members, club assemblies, special actions, birthdays, biographies, etc. Rotary Promotion, including Rotary education, excerpts or comments from The Rotarian, Rotary development, or anything furthering the principles and ideals of Rotary. Originality, including both activities emanating from and within the club itself, and the presentations of those activities in the bulletin."
   Club 2015-16 President Brenda Laird applied for the award with the help of Editarian Phil Noble (who edits the newsletter and maintains the club's web site) and the award was accepted at the Jackson district conference meeting by club member Dr. Lakhman Gondalia, M.D.