Posted by Roxanne Ostlund on Aug 06, 2017
One of my six goals is an idea from our District Governor--that Rotarians should be "People of Action" and we should all fill out a sheet containing ways to do that (see home page link). Part of that is to tell our own stories--how Rotary has impacted our daily lives. 
So, I'll tell you a recent story of mine. I was visiting a friend in the hospital who was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer for the first time, and he (a very large man) was raving about a bag he'd been given when he went into the hospital for cancer treatment. It contained things like a blanket, neck pillow, deck of cards, adult coloring book, colored pencils, candy, gum, Starbucks Coffee gift card, etc.
He is such a big ole teddy bear - probably 6'8", packing that bag around telling me everything that was in it . . . I had no idea it would mean so much . ..
Turns out this bag was donated by us (the Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club) in a joint project with the Cheyenne Rotary Club, and every cancer patient gets one. 
I can't emphasize enough the joy this little bag brought to my friend and the tears I shed watching him go through it...priceless! That's my Rotary story for today. Where's yours?
Please send them to;, and our intrepid newsletter person will put them all in order...